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It's Time North Carolina Director:
Angela Brightfeather

       What can I say about Angela Brightfeather. A friend, mentor, father, husband, business person, community leader, who happens to be transgendered. I first met Angela at a Sigma Rho Delta meeting in Raleigh, NC. Originally from the North East myself, I was use to the brash , almost obnoxious , person from New York, but I saw through that to a person who deeply cares about others and have work for over 30 years in the transgendered community.

       Angela was very active in the transgendered community in New York as well as being well know on the national level with NTAC (National Transgendered Advocacy Coalition) , and it would be no different in North Carolina. She was the founder of EON (Expressing Our Nature) in Syracuse, NY, but upon moving to North Carolina, she became active in Sigma Rho Delta, a Tri-ess group in Raleigh, NC. She also became the director of It's Time North Carolina. This led to lobbying state legislators for transgendered inclusion in ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) and Hate Crimes legislation. She also got involved in other GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bi Transgender) causes to further the cause of trans-persons in the state of NC.

       I have stood beside Angela in many things and watched her tirelessly to bring transgendered causes to the forefront. This includes NC Pride, Charlotte Pride, Magnolia Ball, and protesting HRC (Human Rights Coalition) for transgendered inclusion, speaking at colleges, universities, and local groups. Some may see Angela as a pushy broad, but I can think of no one else I'd rather have at the forefront of North Carolina's activism.

Joney Harper
NC TG Unity