Mission Statement: 

Its Time North Carolina is a statewide organization, established for advancing the social acceptance and political interests of the Transgender and Gender Diverse Community of North Carolina and to coordinate with such groups which might exist including Transgender and Gender Diverse people in their mission statements. 


  1. To support and encourage the formation of Transgender Support and Social Groups and to provide assistance and education if requested.
  2. To formulate and communicate legislation in NC, which affects the Transgender community.
  3. To work with other GLBT organizations in NC to promote our mutual interests in Human Rights and Equal Rights for all GLBT people.
  4. To forward and participate in the processes of authoring new legislation and educating state and local administrators.
  5. To encourage, organize and promote Educational Initiatives that democratically and with order, allow Transgender people to participate in the political process.
  6. To enhance communications between the Transgender Community and elected and appointed state and local government representatives in NC.
  7. To organize and encourage participation of the NC Transgender Community in GLBT causes and events.
  8. To fully represent the NC Transgender Community in all matters, issues and opinions that may be requested by others.